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SNA Software Systems was originally formed in 1985. The original aim of the business was to support our clients in the purchase and setup of their computer systems. In those days you needed to sell your house and at least two of the family in order to buy a small computer, so it was worth hiring someone to ensure that the correct decision was taken.

Not long after we started in business, the computer company Amstrad, completely turned the industry upside down by bringing the Amstrad 1512 to the market. Wow! suddenly most businesses could afford computers!

A lot of events happened very quickly during this period! - One of the major ones was, with the advent of cheap hardware, companies were in a position to justify the cost of having their own software system developed.

Almost over-night we found that we evolved from being a consultancy to becoming software developers in the field of business management systems.

In 1987 we were forced to make the most important decision in the history of the company. Most of our clients required accounts / stock control based applications. Did we choose one of the emerging 'off-the-shelf' products or did we create our own?

We quickly realised that there was only one answer. If we used someone else's product, we would always have to rely on third party support in order to ensure our customers were satisfied - a nightmare we were not prepared to get involved in.

And thus was the birth of the powerful SNA Management Accounts Software! This package subsequently became the back-bone of the majority of the systems that we wrote. In fact at the last count we have developed systems for over 75 types of business, around half of which were based on the accounts package.

As the systems were implemented, so other people in the industries concerned became aware of them, and requested copies. One such industry is the Memorial Industry. We were invited to show our software to a meeting of the National Association of Memorial Masons. We quickly realised that this particular industry was sadly lacking in a good management system. What it needed was a company prepared to make a major commitment to both developing and supporting a Management Solution that would deal with all the day to day administration problems that this industry faced.

We felt that we were in an ideal position to take on this challenge, and have worked closely with the industry since 1987 in developing the most powerful suite of Management and Marketing software available anywhere in the world! It was very much a team effort, we could not have done it with out the support and ideas of our many customers around the United Kingdom and in North America.

Our next big challenge was the move in the computer industry from DOS based systems to Windows based systems. After a lot of consideration we decided the only way forward was to start again. Any other approach would have lead to compromising the potential of the new system.

As DOS programmers, learning to write in Windows would be a massive task so we decided to partner another company. Sadly our first partnership did not work out. Around this time we worked with a another development company to write a windows system for one of our customers in the Isles of Scilly. The writer, Gerald Sapucci of ObtainBest Ltd bought a wealth of international experience and professionalism to the team. The project was so successful and the customer so happy, that we invited the Gerald to join forces with us and start again on what as now become the software masterpiece that is the all new Masonry Management System!

Our partnership is not just about the creation of the new product, but is also about the continued maintenance and commitment to ongoing development and improvement in line with the needs of the Memorial Industry.

Over the last few years we have invested a lot of time and money in the on going development of our products, and the improvement of our support systems and training programs. We have a full time support team backed up by powerful management software for tracking and analysing the calls / types of problem. We have recently upgraded the Fastviewer system which allows us to link direct to our clients computer thus offering a much higher level of immediate support.

Two of the other industries that we have made a major commitment to are Care in the Community , and General Retail/Wholesale outlets.

Our care-in-the Community Management System was one of the first on the market and is used all over England. It deals with the management of the client contracts and creates rotas for the Carers. It also will print gross pay sheets and has a powerful invoicing section.

The system we developed for the latter was a point of sale system, using either normal computers, or computers with all the EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) accessories. We now have six variations on this system covering Corner (Food) Shops, Cash and Carry Warehouses, Ironmongers, Pet Warehouses, Builders Merchants and Hotel Booking and Bar Management.

Our EPoS system is also DOS based, so after a great deal of consideration and over two years of market research, we decided to product partner another company in preference to re-writing our program in the same way we did with the Memorial System. This was a difficult decision in-light of our policy to keep everything ‘in-house’

We adopted the powerful MiniPOS system, developed by Niche International. The main reason for working with Niche was that not only did we believe that they have the best software offering on the market, but they have a massive commitment to support and development of new ideas. Also, very importantly, they were prepared to work closely with us. MiniPOS is probably the most flexible stock control product on the market and streets ahead of it's competition. A lot of our old users have swapped to the new product and are very happy that they did!

Software development and support are difficult jobs to do properly. Computers are a potentially emotive issue, we all know that they only go wrong when we most need them! - Hands up anyone who has never been tempted to give their computer a re-programming that if will never forget!

At SNA we take your problems seriously, and strive to be there for you and help you through what ever the situation of the moment is!

We CARE about you and your business.....

Simon and Liz
Partners Liz Owen and Simon Neild
Liz at Support Meeting
Liz at a Support team meeting
Toronto team
The Toronto team has a night out
Toronto team
Liz and Chris using remote support
Amstrad PC
Original software developed on an Amstrad 1512HD
EPoS Till
Our Original DOS Based EPoS system
Founded in Falmouth, Cornwall in 1985
Our stand at the NAMM Show
Associate Member of the National Association of Memorial Masons