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About SNA Support
Helping your business run smoothly

At SNA Software Systems we offer a very comprehensive Software support service to our customers. We can provide an annual support contract, which can be paid in advance or monthly by standing order. Customers who take our support contract have preferential treatment and many other benefits listed below.

Those that feel that they will only require very minimal “one off” support can choose to go without a Contract and take advantage of our Premium Line service. You will forfeit some of the other benefits of being on Contract and being charged on a “pay as you go” basis. See below for details.

All our support is carried out from our offices in Falmouth, through remote connection to our customer's sites. We don't need to be on site to provide our services, but with our remote connections our customers feel that we are.

Your initial point of contact to us should be by either calling us direct on our support line or by sending your query by email or fax.

Our internal management system logs your calls and gives them the relevant priority so that you are never forgotten. Our support team then will endeavour to either answer your call immediately or return your call shortly if you have left a clear message. Where possible any email and fax queries will be returned within the working day.

What our Maintenance Contract offers you..

  • Telephone Support between 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Fridays (except Bank Holidays)
  • Up to ½ hour support free of charge at any one time
  • Up to ½ hour FastViewer on-line support free of charge at any one time
  • Email SNA questions free of charge
  • Preferential treatment
  • Free updates on your software when they are made available
  • Discounted rates on telephone and on-line training
  • Discount on further purchases
  • Pay monthly by standing order or by credit card

What our Premium Line (non Maintenance) service offers you..

  • Telephone Support between 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Fridays (except Bank Holidays) charged at 95 pence (plus VAT) per minute †
  • Unlimited Fasttviewer (online) support, charged in 15 minute blocks at £15.00 per block.

Support contact numbers and services

Support number for customers with a Maintenance Contract;

(+44) 1209 843470 or +44 7977 431481

Support number for customers without a Maintenance Contract;

As above, but you will be charged in 15 minute units (see above)

Fastviewer Remote Assistance

All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.