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MiniPOS for Home Hardware
We supply and support the powerful MiniPOS System

A number of Home Hardware stores have now very successfully adopted the MiniPOS EPoS software for their businesses. In summary, MiniPOS offers the following sections...

The key features of the system are as follows:-

  • Back Office with Stock Control and a fully customisable Report Generator.
  • Purchase Order Processing and Recommended Ordering System.
  • Electronic Ordering from Home Hardware.
  • Sales Order Processing with Picking and Delivery notes.
  • Customer Database for running Accounts and / or Loyalty schemes.
  • Sales Ledger for Statements and Debt Management.
  • Powerful Promotions Manager (will automatically import the Home Hardware promotions).
  • Ability to manage multiple branches or tills in remote satellite stores.
  • Full Touch Screen Till System with user designable screens.

To read more details of how MiniPOS can help your business, please click on the link to the right which will allow you to download a power-point presentation showing you all the aspects of MiniPOS.

How has MiniPOS helped other members of your industry? Here is a chance to read the comments offered by some of them!

Garners Home Hardware - “Price control is probably the most important thing to us as a business and MiniPOS gives us complete control of this. It is very easy to use, we can identify products on screen very quickly and make changes easily.

Not only does electronic purchase ordering make placing order very quick and simple, it gives us confirmation of our order in minutes. Sometimes our orders are over 100 lines. The translation of the order at Home Hardware is efficient, complete and accurate and saves a lot of time. Once the order arrives, MiniPOS books the actual stock in quickly and effectively, printing barcode labels where needed.

Linked to the tills, it make a very complete system for the financial management of our business.“

Richard Garner – Garners Home Hardware – Exmouth, Devon

Island Home Hardware – “It gives me really reliable, good stock control information. My staff find it simple to use and love it! It makes running more than one site much simpler. I can see the information from both sites without having to be there. There is a really comprehensive range of reports which help me manage and fine tune the business.

I don’t know how I would manage my monthly accounts without it. It has reduced my customer queries on account to almost zero.

The purchase ordering system is very simple and speedy. The electronic ordering to Home Hardware not only allows me to communicate and receive confirmations on my orders, but it also updates my product and promotion databases. It saves a massive amount of time and keeps my prices and new product awareness up to date.

The software support supplied by SNA is easily accessible and really friendly! They have even been know to call me back when they were on holiday!”

Julia Day – Island Home Hardware.

Penzance Home Hardware – “I like the fact that it does not cause me problems and anxiety like my previous system.

It is the tool that runs my business and I would not be without it. It saves me time. It has more than paid for itself, because it has helped me too reduce my stock to efficient levels, saved hours of man time in ordering and general business administration and has even generated extra sales.

The added benefits are that it produces shelf labels, barcode labels and allow allows you to use the numerous reports or even write your own.

I have found it to be a reliable system and have never lost any data.”

Bob Waghorn – Penzance Home Hardware – Penzance, Cornwall

Slee Home Hardware – “It speeds all our processes up. Our customers love the itemised receipts, makes us look more professional. We find doing returns very easy, we know exactly who the supplier was.

We have found the back-up very good! I like the fact that SNA can directly access our system when we need them to, for training and support.

We will save lots of time and money in the efficient processing of our customer accounts. We will be able to deal with any queries by referring to the specific customers detailed history of sales.

The reports are very helpful as they highlight where we are going wrong and what is and is not selling and if the profit is at reasonable levels.

I am planning to use the shelf edge labelling which again will save time.

Loading new stock is very quick and easy to do.

It is definitely money well spent!”

Garry Serret – Slees Home Hardware – Braunton, Devon

Upton’s Home Hardware – “It turned a disorganised shop into an organised and well stock managed store!

I really like the Z reading analysis. It has halved the amount of re-counting I have to do at the end of the day.

I find the purchase ordering very quick and effective. As a smaller store, I find it extremely helpful to be able to use the back-office, internet and till all on the same computer!

I am able to show customer’s our products on the till – This encourages extra sales of non-stock items.

The label printing offers good clear labels and is so much quicker to use than the old price guns!”

Phillip Wyatt – Uptons Home Hardware – Upton, Dorset

Your Business – “ You too could be a MiniPOS user! – We can download the entire Home hardware database in a matter of minutes in order to get you started. If you are suffering from a system that is not up to your standards, we may be able to speed up your move to MiniPOS by transferring your old Stock database!

If you wish to find out more about this system and have the opportunity to join our band of happy users, then please either call Simon Neild on 01326 313759 or 07977431128.

You could also email us at

Another Happy User – Your Home Hardware Store – Somewhere in the United Kingdom!

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MiniPOS is ideal for members of the
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Powerful, Comprehensive and yet easy
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The Purchase Ordering will help you to
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You have access to basket of powerful
reports and can even design your own!
Retailers of the year (2005), Richard
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The Frontier computerized till running
MiniPOS is a really asset to any store