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We supply and support the powerful and versitile ICR Touch System

As Suppliers of powerful EPoS systems since 1992, we offer what must be the most comprehensive hospitality system available on the market. The ICR Touch Hospitality system is being used on over 5000 systems Nationwide!

The key features of the system are as follows:-

  • Touch Screen Till
  • Easy to Use
  • Create your own Screen Layouts
  • Program your Menus as you need them
  • Place the ‘buttons’ where you want them
  • Decide on your your own payment types
  • Makes table control and visibility easy
  • Service Charge applied if required
  • Print the orders to Kitchen or Bar
  • Prints all the Bills at a Touch
  • Automatic ‘Happy Hour’ Prices
  • Different Prices on Different Tills
  • A real Asset to your Business

Installing the ICR Touch EPoS System offers you control of

  • Customer Orders – Take the order at the table or enter it at the bar
  • Customer Bills – System will print normal bills, calculate ‘Split’ bills or ‘Dutch’ Bills
  • Table Reservations – Reserve tables via a screen based diary system.
  • Table Planning – System can hold several table plans allowing you to number and position your tables as you wish in any of the ‘rooms’ you wish.
  • Tabs – You can run Customer Tabs which can be moved from the Bar to the Restaurant
  • Hotel Front Desk Interface – You can send the bills to most of the popular Hotel Front Desk packages.
  • Orders to the Kitchen (multiple printers or screens)
  • Orders to the Bar (Print your drink orders on the bar printer)
  • Stock Movement – Book goods in and create stock takes. . All sales book stock out as required.
  • Purchase Orders – Create Supplier Orders
  • X and Z Readings – Multiple level X and Z readings offering you the ability to decide what information you wish to print.
  • Takings Management – Analyse the days takings by payment type, staff, and department or group.
  • Staff Time Recording – Allows full time management either ‘open plan’ or rota restricted.
  • Analysis of your Business – Basket of powerful reports allowing you to examine your business.
  • Good Accounting Practice - Full audits of every movement including any changes the staff may make to bills. Audits stored on hard-disc indefinitely (PC based tills only)
  • TAX and VAT – Give you a full list of VATABLE transactions.
  • Waiter / Waitress Electronic Order Pad – Using a handheld terminal orders can be taken at the table. (See pictures)

It also offers your business..

  • Minimal Training – Staff till training is less than an hour
  • Touch Screen – Design your own screen layout, makes your touch screens as flexible as you wish.
  • Spill Proof Keyboard – Available if you require (not needed if using touch screen)
  • On Screen Diary – Book your reservations via the ‘on-screen’ diary.
  • Happy Hour – You can set-up automatic re-pricing of items to be changed at certain times.
  • Table Billing System – All bills can be recorded to tables which can be viewed on the screen by touching a picture of the table.
  • Multiple Kitchen & Bar Printers – Each item sold can be instructed to print to a specific printer. This allows starters to go to one printer, mains to another etc. You can even print the drink orders at the bar.
  • Back Office Software – Allows for the overall control of the system. You can even ‘live view’ what is happening on the tills.
  • Customer Loyalty System – You can give customers card numbers and thus accrue loyalty points for them.
  • Time and Attendance – Allows staff to clock in via the tills. Will also record breaks. When the member of staff makes their first sale, the system will check if they have clocked in and if not do so automatically.
  • Chip and Pin – Ability to do on-line chip and pin (special hardware needed)
  • Barcode Scanning – You are able to connect barcode scanners to scan in barcoded items.
  • Customer Membership Data – You can store a database of customers or club members. You can even store a picture of the individual.
  • Staff Security with ‘Ibuttons’ – Staff can either log in for a sale by keying in a number or by using the industry standard ‘ibuttons’.

The ICRTouch hospitality software is ideal for...

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes and Clubs
  • Hotel Bars and Dining Rooms
  • Theatres
  • Night Clubs


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Touch Screen Till in action
Typical ICR Till Screen (XN900)
PDA running EPoS Software
ICR Touch support Hand Held
PDA EPoS Software
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Restaurant Floor Plan
Create a resturant layout screen for
table management
Floor Plan Manager
ICR Touch allows you to split bills