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Convert your PC into a professional CCTV system in minutes.

DISCOVERe SMART is an easy to use and powerful camera recording / management program.

Images are saved to your hard disc for quick retrieval and playback. Individual frames can be selected and printed and video clips can be created to be saved onto CDRW if necessary.

At last you can play back your video images without stopping the recording process.

You can select a configuration from one camera upwards. You no longer need to order in multiple camera configerations.

Each camera can be set to record at different times, different frame rates and different video qualities!


  • Works with up to 18 cameras
  • Multi View from 1 to 16 cameras on one screen
  • Interactive site plan
  • Frame Viewer
  • Password Protection
  • Unlimited Recording
  • Create recording schedules from 1fps to 25fps
  • Works with over 40 IP cameras and video servers from a variety of manufacturers
  • Book Marks
  • AVI export
  • IVV export for watermarked files
  • Includes DV player
  • Camera Wizard for easy set-up

Web Access

You can access your camera system via the internet (using broadband). This access is password controlled for added security. You can even access the playback from the cameras.

No need to be on location to keep an eye on your business!

Screenshots (See right)

The following are a list of the pictures shown on the right. To see a bigger version simply click on the text link.

1 - The Discoverye software shows you a list of all the available camera. You can simply 'drag' the camera to the viewing windows on the right to be able to view it in 'real-time'.

2 - You are able to select different screen display configurations 'at the touch of a button'

3 - It is possible to view cameras in different picture sizes

4 - You can also create a site plan. This allows you to show the position of the cameras on the plan. By clicking on these cameras you can view the relevant picture.

5 - The program also offers a multiple frame viewer - very helpful when trying to find the in-criminating shot!

6 - The advantage of a software based system over a conventional one is that each camera can be given different setup parameters.

7 - You can access the recording you wish to view by simply selecting the calendar

8 - The Discoverye software can be logged onto from anywhere that has broadband access. You can then select what cameras you wish to view, and either look at the live image or view the recording!

9 - When watching a recording remotely, you have full control over the time lines allowing you to watch the recordings at different speeds from different time periods.

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IP Awards
IP Security Awards 2005, Finalist - Best Software Product

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